Bookmakers & Betting

Welcome to Level 1 of the University Of Betting where you will pass exams to become a Graduate from a Student as you reach Level 2.

It is recommended that you work your way up through the levels of the Betting School and you will have to in many circumstances. Several higher level lessons require the Student to pass particular exams before they can take the exams in other lessons on a higher level.

What To Find On Level 1

The lessons on Level 1 are very basic and aimed at newcomers to betting. If you feel you can pass the exams without reading every word on each lesson feel free to do so but you are likely to find much of the advice in Level 1 will help your understanding when it comes to lessons in more advanced levels.

Level 1 only covers subjects in the Bookmakers and Betting section. Pass the exams and broaden your knowledge in the rest of the Betting School.