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Verdict: 4.5 STARS!!!!!

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Sydney Olson

Sydney Olson is fast becoming as good as Gordon Hayes with his pre race trading service. As Gordon improves so does he! However Sydney seems to be improving a little faster… Although not as good yet we feel he’s on coarse to becomming number 1. Until then we can only rate Sydney at 4.5 stars.

How it works?

Every morning you’ll receive around 4 selections to trade. These are sent between 8am & 9am. Early value being the focus of his selections. Members should back selections at the best available price, long term traders should spread bets across bookmakers. Then, at race time you lay off your bets via smarkets or betfair exchange. Simple! You can either hedge your bets or go for free bets it’s completely up to you. There’s also inplay trading & straight betting strategies available… look out for our new profit loss spreadsheet showing variations and various ways you can profit from his service.

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