Pre Race Trading Guide

Verdict: 3.5 STARS

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In this article I am going to review the pre-race trading guide by Caan Berry.


If you are not familiar with Caan Berry or horse racing trading. I suggest you take at look at the Caan Berry youtube channel and read this beginners guide first. 

Perhaps you already trading the horse racing markets and are looking for a pre race trading strategy to take into the horse racing markets?

Could Caan’s guide be the answer?

Who is Caan Berry?

Caan Berry is Horse racing trader that has been on the trading scene for quite a long time. From the Geeks Toy forums to his website/blog Caan has been writing about horse racing trading for many years.

He is also on Twitter and Facebook and frequently gives out back to lay trades and snippets of advice and appears to be an all round decent bloke.

Endorsed by Betfair Caan Berry is one of the most prominent pro sports traders around.

What is in the guide?

First of all the guide costs £39 and is 118 pages long. The guide is basically an overview of how the horse racing markets function and how it is possible to make money from these markets.

It covers how to set yourself up for trading, key factors that you should consider when looking at the markets such entry and exit points. Caan Berry’s trading guide also gives you an insight into how you should use different approaches for different race types, odds ranges and price points.

Caan Berry Trading Guide Review

The guide is very well written and easy to understand.

Coming from a football trading background but having next to no knowledge of horse racing I benefited a lot from the information shared in this guide.

The information that I found particularly useful was in relation to how different races/time periods have different market environments. This means that different strategies should be employed for different race types.

Examples of trades are shared and the reasoning behind them is excellent and clearly written. The importance of a good trading mentality is discussed as are some thoughts about trading psychology.

Caan gives his email and offers support for any questions that you may have. I feel this is pretty important as there is a lot to take in if you are new to the horse trading markets.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this product.

I felt this guide basically does what it says and you can’t ask for much more than that. It has given me a much better understanding of how the horse racing markets function. It hasn’t given me a money making service with daily selections like others such as Gordon Hayes and Sydney Olson however it’s worth the read.

Ultimately this guide is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start trading the horse markets or for someone that is currently struggling with them.

This guide combined with Caan Berry’s youtube videos have allowed me to start taking money out of the horse racing markets. Which I previously had no experience or interest in.

Its gets 3.5 STARS for me and is highly recommended.

You can get Caan Berry’s trading guide here


Caan Berry Trading Guide Review

Update 16/1/17

I got the chance to interview Caan Berry and ask him a few questions about his trading journey and life as a professional sports trader.

Caan Berry Trading Guide Review

What attracted you most about trading on Betfair as a profession?

CB: Trading kind-of found me to be honest, Ryan.

I first opened a Betfair account to have a flutter on the horses, at that point in time I was probably doing what many others do; aimlessly reading form (without any particular success).

At the time I was in the Army and my first son was on the way, I needed to find a way of supplementing my income. A mixture of following the horses and stumbling across a forum post led me to downloading the geekstoy and having a dabble.

It took some time to make any real progress as you may have seen (if you go back through my blog far enough) but I knew straight away it held far more potential than punting on horses.

Although I was in the Army and without any qualifications it seemed like something I could do. From that point onwards I did something that I think many don’t; I made the decision and got obsessed with trading, coming in from work and knuckling down until the small hours. Obviously it paid off but it’s something that’s rarely discussed, many don’t want to hear that part.

Why did you choose to specialise in the horse racing markets?

I tried laying the draw for a while, which was ok until I inevitably got wiped out through poor discipline.

Horse racing markets were a little more interesting to me as I could see quite clearly you could make money from sentiment within the markets, even if you didn’t have a clue about the form. In fact, horse racing markets rarely move because of the form actually.

It sets various restrictions and pointers but I guess that’s for another time.

What were your biggest struggles on the way to making a living from Betfair trading?

I never really experienced the struggle in all honesty. I kept a full-time job for longer than I needed to, looking back on it I could have taken the leap far sooner.

I’m not really one for taking much risk though so it seemed sensible. The first month I went full-time I remember I made around £4,500… it was a scary experience to say the least.

I think the biggest struggle though is both self motivation, and or addiction. Sounds conflicting I know. But winning is quite addictive, there was a point where literally I didn’t want to miss one race. I couldn’t leave it alone!

On the other hand, once I realised the market’s weren’t going anywhere soon I flipped the other way. Going out, spending lots, holidays, parting several nights a week etc.

It was all great fun don’t get me wrong, but there came a point where I was like ‘this is stupid’

Spending an hour or two trading each day before going and getting wasted again.

The biggest downfall to successfully trading for a living?

The biggest downside probably the later part of my last answer. Sometimes it can bring the wrong crowd too if you’re open to that…

I had a few expensive girlfriends, which may have been partly to do with the trading. I’d advise anyone that starts to make rapid progress in their betting to be careful who they share the details with.

Were there any traders that helped you out or motivated you along the way to becoming a full time trader?

I’ve always been a fan of reading between the lines on various forums and comments made by those that are successful. It’s a tricky one though as I’ve later found out that some of them aren’t as genuine as they seem.

Any kind of inspiration is always welcome though, there’s only ever one way to fail for certain – and that’s to stop trying. The biggest motivator was probably having others tell me it was impossible.

How have the markets changed since you started trading or have they remained pretty much the same?

They’ve certainly changed a little over time, most noticeably since Betfair introduced the higher level of premium charge. Most of the important underlying factors have to remain the same though. Having more than one string to your bow is always a good idea…

Did you have to adapt your trading in any way once you hit the premium charge?

I’ve tried many different things to reduce and avoid the charge. It’d be a lie to say I haven’t, I mean who hasn’t right?

There are some things that can be done to reduce it for sure. It depends how far you want to go with it, once you consider all the extra effort it means you just pay for it in another way, through time.

Do you think any of the smaller exchanges BETDAQ, Matchbook or Smarkets will grow enough to really challenge Betfair in the next few years?

I really dont know. I’d love to see it, but in reality it doesn’t seem so likely, unless Paddy Power manage to convert Betfair into even more of a sports book.

Everyone’s hearts in the right place with the other firms but they haven’t got the budget to take them on. Betdaq have to be the biggest rival at this point in time, hopefully 2017 will see a change.

It seems strange to me that Betfair don’t use the likes of you, Paulo Rebelo, Peter Webb, Dan Weston as the focal points of marketing the exchange. You guys have what would be considered a dream job by thousands of people. Why do you think they don’t use you guys for marketing more?

I agree. And although I can’t say categorically, I think it’s down to the fact that Betfair know the kind of customers we generate aren’t going to blow their income on the sportsbook after, that’s what makes them money, right?

I’d guess that the exchange marketing team have a far smaller budget and get their heels clipped internally if things take off too. Still, it’s good that they have at least verified some of the successful exchange customers exist. There’s plenty of false claims out there.

Future plans, life after trading?

After trading? I’m not sure in all honesty.

I like to make progress no matter what I do so it’d have to be something bigger.  I cant ever see myself walking away from the markets and blogging any time soon though, it’s important to do something you love.

I couldn’t ever go back to doing a job I hated… it’s more important than all the money in the world.

For more information on Caan Berry you can visit his official website here