Wednesday MUG BETTING selections from Bobby James

These selections are provided to help maintain betting accounts while generating profit for your bookmaker long term. While at the same time helping you profit from best odds guaranteed bonuses when the selection drifts and wins. Basically these selections are chosen on the basis our advisor believes the selection will drift in the markets. These can also be used as LAY first BACK later trading tips. With out going for anything too high in price and keeping our liabilty as low as possible.

How to place mug bets?

Back & Lay the selection immediately for a small hedged loss. Try and keep your loss at 10% or less. If the price has changed and the loss would be higher than 10%, come back later and try again when the prices have changed.

Altyn Orda
Newmarket 15:35 Winner
5.50 / 5.4 current exchange price

Hard Forest
Newmarket 16:10 Winner
3.00 / 3.3 current exchange price

Diese Des Bieffes
Cheltenham 14:05 Winner
3.25 / 3.4 current exchange price

Cheltenham 17:00 Winner
4.33 / 4.4 current exchange price

Kempton 18:15 Winner
4.33 / 4.7 current exchange price

Il Primo Sole
Kempton 19:15 Winner
3.50 / 3.9 current exchange price

Mug Betting?

One of the great challenges for professional bettors is keeping your accounts open and one of the techniques that can help is mug betting.

As you increase your profit – the chances of having your account limited or closed increases.

Bookies restrict the accounts of winning players to protect themselves against losing.

Bookmakers monitor customer behaviour. They can close or restrict accounts with no warning. This tends to happen most with people who carry out matched betting. Or as some call them bonus sluts lol Sometimes, they will simply prevent customers from accessing any of the promotions, such as free bets.

One of the most effective ways of throwing bookies off the scent is by placing mug bets.

This strategy is designed to make a customer look like a regular punter and involves placing a bet when no promotion or bonus is involved.

You can still lay your bet off on Betfair to ensure any losses are limited and it is well worth sacrificing small percentages for the sake of keeping your account fully open.

Mug Betting Advice

Bet on horses already well backed: When betting on horses, back selections that have been heavily backed. It’s very likely the price will drift back out and possibly, if the selection wins help you actually turn those small losses into profits from best odds guaranteed bonuses.

Don’t take the best odds: Bookies know when the price they are offering is competitive and will soon spot customers who only use them when their odds are the best. So, from time to time, use a bookie even when you know they are not offering the best price.

Play in-play: Regular punters tend to back in-play markets, so this is a good plan. Cashing out also makes you look like a normal punter – just be sure not to leave yourself exposed by cashing out if you’ve matched the other half of your bet.

Stick to the same markets: If you mainly bet on football and horses, don’t suddenly start betting on Swedish volleyball or some other obscure market. This might be tempting if you’ve found a good odds match but it will make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Keep all your bets, (mugs, qualifiers and free bets), all placed on the biggest games possible. And keep it local – if you live in Scotland, bet on Scottish football.

Pick a team: It’s worth choosing a team to regularly bet on as it makes you look like a supporter. For example, bet on Arsenal to win regularly.

Spread your interest: Play the bookmaker’s other products, such as casino and poker. And use the mobile or tablet app from time to time.

Multiples and accas: Placing doubles, trebles and other multiples are classic mug punter behaviour. Also look for accas that don’t have refund or insurance offers.

Get involved in challenges: You might have seen betting challenges along the lines of “turning £10 into £1,000. This involves using your winnings to bet again, making look like you are trying to hit a target. Bookies love punters who do this (usually because they end up losing).