Can NEW mug betting service REVOLUTIONIZE the betting service industy and END BOG offers!?

With the arrival of our fantastic new mug betting service from Bobby James. His service has earned over £3,000 in just 29 days! The only negative aspect being that to earn this amount you would have required £4,000 starting bank to cover liabilities on lay bets. Based on £100 stakes.

The best part about this service is you place your bets and leave… with no further actions required! PLUS you can literally bet at any time! Selections are sent out around 9am howvever it’s best to wait a little while before placing your bets. As several people will be trying to get on at the time of posting, giving you better value if you wait for the markets to settle. So for example the tips are sent at 9am. You come online at 11am. As soon as you see the prices are close, with-in a 10% hedged loss margin. That’s when you want to back & lay! In some cases you’ll not risk anything when the price is lower on exchange. Shopping around for the best prices is also a great strategy. But generally if you have accounts restricted this is a great service!

For traders it can also be used as a great Lay to Back trading service.


We’re still reviewing the service and we will officially publish the service at the end of the month! However anyone interested can get involved now with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Selections are sent every morning arund 9am via text message. With between 5-10 selections per day.

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