Our longest serving advisor Gordon Hayes began his fantastic campaign back in February 2017. Since then his advice has earned over 300 points in pre race hedged trading profits, with just a 20 point starting bank & 1 point stake per selection. Starting every month with 20 points he has been able to at least double up every single month!


Gordon focusses on early value and pre-race trading. There’s normally 4 selections each day, sent to members at 7am every morning. Most followers back (bet to win) each selection at the best available price. Later in the day followers could LAY bet (bet to lose), creating free bets or hedged profit/loss.

This month we have changed our trading strategy from hedging to free betting. After a successful 1st year reviewing strategies and evolving the service further could see improvements in profits. Looking back over the year, free betting Gordons selections shows a far greater profit. It makes sence. Members have the option of trading any way they like, however if you don’t mind loosing a little consistency to gain more profits, long term this is the best option.

Free betting example:

Back selection £100 at 10.0 (9/1). Price shortens to 5.0 (4/1). Lay selection at 5.0. The difference in potential profit and liability equals £500 profit if the horse goes onto win. ALternatively you could lay a further £100 at 5.0 to guarantee £100 profit on all outcomes.

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