Soon we will be launching our brand new Live trading service. This new service will operate everyday around 60 minutes before race time, on each uk and ireland horse race. Frankie Arnot will send his trading selections via twitter. It’s very simple to follow. Back the selection aiming for the best available price. Lay the selection at race time. Either hedge your bets or free bet positive selections, always hedge negative trades. We advise you turn on notifications to our twitter posts to ensure selections are received as quickly as possible.

Full profit loss sheets will be available for members who’re following and along with a staking plan, we expect our new service to out perform all other services! Not only that, but we believe Frankies service is number 1 in the uk, just ahead of Gordon Hayes!

We will start every day with £1,000 in our betfair bank. Any profit generated over £1,000 will be withdrawn to maintain starting bank. That’s profit! If we lose money one day, we’ll continue the following day with a lesser amount, however we’ll adjust our stake amounts to match 10% of our bank. For example, if we lose £100 we’ll start the next day with £900 remaining. So, stakes will be £90 (10% of £900). Starting stakes will be £100.

Check out todays performance and our profit loss over last 7 days since starting with a new account. Bear in mind we’ve had severe weather conditions so these figures are quite small.

Wednesday trading so far…